The future of music

Music: Not Impossible (MNI) is a “surround body” experience featuring innovative Vibrotextile™ technology inspired by the deaf community, and created by Not Impossible Labs.

After almost 3 years of continuous research and development we have engineered a complete platform for composing, translating and sending audio as vibrations wirelessly to the users' bodies. We realized along the way that MNI provides an enhanced musical experience not just for the deaf, but for all.

In the near future, vibrotactile art will be an all new means of expression where we can appreciate rhythms, intensities and movements conveyed to the human’s largest organ: the skin. Our system comprises of a set of wearable devices, software, hardware and wireless communication. The wearables set includes a harness, two wristbands, and two ankle bands, supplying 8 distinctive areas of vibration across the user’s body, or what we call it a ‘Surround Body Experience.’

"I think more than anything I’m grateful I got a chance to experience this. It’s one of those things that you won’t understand it until you experience it. And the other people won’t understand until they experience it too. Every 10 years something comes about like that. And this has taken a very long time, but you guys did it.
Multi Grammy Award Winner

It’s incredible... hearing and deaf-impaired, are left enthralled and impressed... but just as an idea to be able to feel music is so, for me, groundbreaking and so cool. And when I felt the vibrations for the first time when you came to our rehearsal... Just blew our minds..." Lissie (singer/songwriter)

I feel vibrations for a living, and... to feel all of them at the same time without being overly muddled, it’s so cool and beautiful. You should be proud of yourselves. - Mandy Harvey (profoundly deaf singer/songwriter)